10 Steps You Should KnowBefore Starting Your Project:

DeMaio Contractors Alliance LLC has developed a systematic approach to the Design/Build process that is client focused. What is the client’s vision for the project? What problems are the clients trying to resolve, and do the solutions offered truly meet those needs? What is the client’s budget? What are the client’s timeframe requirements? All of this requires careful listening, creative thinking, trust, patience, and teamwork.

The end result from the process: You will know what your project will cost, how long it will take, and what it will look like. The DeMaio Process, broken into four phases, is summarized in ten steps:

Step 1 – Discovery & Discussion:

Phone Discussion: During the initial phone call we will listen actively, asking lots of questions, as you discuss the wants and needs of your renovation. This helps us to see the project through your eyes, so that we can work more effectively with you during the planning process.

Project Idea Book (sent in advance): Before our first meeting we will ask you to compile a scrapbook of ideas, notes, priorities, pictures and styles. It can be as detailed as you like. We also ask that every member of your household contribute to the Project Idea Book, to ensure that the final product is a true reflection of your family.

This process will help you express what you truly want to achieve with your remodel. It also gives you a chance to discuss the elements of your new space with other family members or anyone else who will be impacted by the new space.

Step 2 – Needs Assessment & Solution Development:

First appointment: At our first meeting we will listen to your ideas and help you prioritize your wants and needs. We will also evaluate the existing environment and how to incorporate your desired changes so that the end result will be a seamless transition from old to new.

Review Project Idea Book: Key to this process is reviewing your Project Idea Book. It is your vision for your new space, put to paper, and aides in giving a deeper understanding of the project possibilities as well as what realistic budget parameters may be.READ MORE >